Dubai Tours

about the project

This was the first wordpress website that required a specific design but also as it’s a travel booking site, the hosting had to be prepared for several requests

my role in the project

I designed the UI and UX, created the wireframes, diagram flows, prototypes, and final design, customized this WordPress’ CSS on a localhost and then set it online.

the problem

Duabai Tours as a travel agency wanted to display their tours, accommodation options, flights, and packages on their website. They wanted the site to be clear about their services, and get prospects to get in touch besides their social media profiles.

prototyping & testing

The site is still online and you can take a look and navigate through it, their tours, their services their packages and all their contact information, there was a localhost prototype first before release.

the final design

Finding a package and getting easily in touch on the website with the support and reservations staff, showcasing the great destinations DubaiTours has were the main goals of this website. The result was a fine ux example of Information well placed

main takeaways

Creating an informative site that may take bookings, and display a significant number of products, made it a challenge worth taking.

tools used

WordPress · Photoshop

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