Dr. Julio Hernandez – Medicina Interna

the problem

Medical Doctor Julio Hernandez an internist in Guadalajara, Jalisco asked me to help him with his personal website, this website would have all the information required to get in touch with him, and request an appointment amongst other things.

my role in the project

I was requested to do the UI and the UX plus the development in WordPress for his site. Unfortunately, the site remained as a POC due to extraordinary events.

prototyping & testing

The iterations with Julio lead to a final design that he and I both got us pleased. The project didn’t go any further.

the final design

As an informative website, it did not present the complications or challenges for a very complex UX but it was fun and interesting to get to the final design letting the creativity flow.

main takeaways

As mentioned before, even when the challenge for a complex UX wasn’t really a big one, the way to explore other design options was interesting.

tools used

Sketch · InVision

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