Quick Personal Exercise

About the project

Recently I joined a couple of groups on Facebook in which Designers go in to take some advice and learn from each other, this is been a very good idea for me because I have to think outside of what I’m doing fast, but effectively. Most recently there was this designer who posted a login page and I tried to help to guide her in what she should focus on whilst designing such screens.


  • Image
  • Sign In (Button)
  • Sign Up (Button/link)
  • Email (input field)
  • Password (input field)
  • Forgot Password (link)

Acceptance Criteria

  • Image should be aesthetic but not distracting
  • Sign In & Sign Up should be separate actions
  • Forgot Password should take you outside the app
  • Font should be readable

Description of the Exercise

On this screen I did in a few minutes and with the minimum requirements I can tell what this screen is for, what is the hierarchy is, where I should write my email, and my password, and the different actions that I can trigger on this screen like going to the sign up page or starting the forgot password protocol.


Photo by Rafal Gerent-Pocian on Unsplash

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