Personal Project

about the project

Modernizat was a personal project, a local digital magazine that showcased through the website the most beautiful and interesting points of the city including from things to do, to where to stay.

my role in the project

I designed the UI and UX, created the wireframes, diagram flows, social media identity,  and the brand identity.

the problem

The growing city has too many places to explore, but where to find them? this used to be a problem that I encountered myself a lot of time wherein a big city with lots of things to do every day, I had no idea where to go or what to do. Building an app would be the step forward, but, a responsive website, is the answer.

prototyping & testing

The website used to be online for a while, and the way people surfed on it gave us a lot of good feedback, we backed off for a while, and the project went on pause for a big update but promise we will return.

the final design

When the brand identity was released the website had a fresh and easy feel, so the users could move along the site easily and watch a lot of our articles.

main takeaways

This project is not over yet, and as it’s on pause we’re growing a lot and the user experience keep on our minds we are working to bring you the best place to find what to do in your city.

tools used

Photosop · WordPress

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