about the project

The project was intended for the final user to be able to find services they needed as soon as they touched the ground when they arrived at the airport, cabs, rentals, accommodations, tours, or anything related to their trip.

the problem

The challenge on this design was more about making it intuitive as the requirements were to make navigation different than the ones available at the market.

my role in the project

I designed the UI and UX, created the wireframes, diagram flows and the interactive prototype.

prototyping & testing

The project did not leave the POC status, developers did a small gig on the code and developed a small interactive prototype that was used for a showcase, but never got to try it out with actual users.

the final design

The design only included a couple of sections for the prototype as this project never was developed, but it was fun trying to get a new experience on the interaction.

Main Takeaways

As the project got paused I got stuck on a couple of screens but as the challenge had me to go through a process of design for intuitive menu and the interaction had to work perfectly.

tools used


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