Arturo Meza

about the project

Arturo Meza is an artist that decided to share his work with everyone, making a showcase informative website which had to have a theme on each different section, the experience took you from his notable paintings to the beautiful sculptures

my role in the project

I designed the UI and UX, created the wireframes, diagram flows, prototypes, and final design, customized the CSS on a localhost and then set it online.

the problem

Arturo wanted to showcase his work, in a beautiful way, that may relate people to his work and see his site take his personality. This was a bit of a challenge as, like every artist, they idealize their site to be as their own master pieces. his signature was all over and you had to be able to navigate easily through his art, pictures, paintings, sculptures and even films.

prototyping & testing

Iterations with Arturo were abundant, we both wanted his site to reflect his personality and chaos yet to be clean, simple and easy to understand and navigate through. Wireframes and Prototypes were helpful at the time, and the final result was incredible.

the final design

The final design for Arturo’s Website was as he wanted but as clean and useful as any person could walk into their own home, a seamless wordpress site that Arturo was able to fill with all the content he needed and make updates on his art for sale, and some of the events he had on public.

main takeaways

Having an artist as a client, was refreshing and challenging the creativity had to be shared and work in collaboration was definitely something to learn from.

tools used

Photoshop · InVision · WordPress

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