Nuvó (Proof Of Concept)

about the project

This is a POC for an event planner, Nuvó is a project for a whole team of event planners and this app would keep the whole staff connected and in the loop.

my role in the project

I designed the UI and UX, created the wireframes, diagram flows, and the interactive prototype.

the problem

As the app should have been used in several teams some people with lots of things to do at the same time, a tablet version was a must, the use of the real state to keep most of the information on screen was crucial.

prototyping & testing

The project couldn’t go far it was canceled before prototypes, but the first couple of screens were watched and approved by the staff.

the final design

The way it had an intuitive feel and a clean look; its stackable modules and its fine colors made easy and elegant to navigate through the app

main takeaways

The main things that I took from this project were the ability to develop more UI skills, to get to use better the real state and to manage projects and profiles at the same time.

tools used


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