Offi Smart

about the project

An informative website that provides the service of virtual offices the comany is called OffiSmart and it’s located in Guadalajara Jalisco. They wanted to showcase their locations and their accommodations so their clients can get in touch with them

my role in the project

I designed the UI and UX, created the wireframes, diagram flows, prototypes, and final design, customized this WordPress’ CSS on a localhost and then set it online.

the problem

Offi-Smart wanted to showcase their venue and accommodations on a website. They wanted the site to be clear about their services, and get prospects to get in touch besides their social media profiles.

prototyping & testing

The site is still online and you can take a look and navigate through it, their offices are pretty and the site is full of their contact information, there was a localhost prototype first before release.

the final design

When the final design was released, the information about the offices and all the aspects of the venue were easily findable, the usability was achieved and you could get to where you wanted to go.

main takeaways

The final result was gratifying, the accomplishment of an intuitive UX was the perfect example of what I had improved in every project since the start of my career.

tools used

WordPress · Photoshop

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