about the project

Vianac is an informative website for a french bull dog breeder’s client. They came to Random to create a website so they can upload their most recent puppies and news about how to and where to get them plus information relative to each dog.

my role in the project

When getting to know the project the client wanted to create a website where poeple could find information about his services, all the puppies he had and their availability, plus information about he new pups to come, where to find them and more. I was requested to do the UI and the UX plus the development in WordPress for his site.

prototyping & testing

The iterations with the client lead to a final design that got us both pleased. It was more about the iterations with him than taking any further research on the outside.

the final design

The final design used a pattern background and a little more of a classy look.

main takeaways

I have never used a pattern as background before so in order to find a pattern a classy look and get the idea from the client to make the brand pop. the pups were the main product so the point of view had to focus on them, plus, who doesn’t love working with pups?

tools used

Photoshop · WordPress

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