about the project

Webbased, a website that offers services from several freelancers giving the oportunity for them to exploit their talents and the customers receive a quality job done.

my role in the project

I designed the UI and UX, created the wireframes, diagram flows, and the interactive prototype.

the problem

When trying to get a different style, this project appeared, and to start working on a project this distinct, it was a real challenge. Webbased had many tabs and a lot of information that had to be ideally placed. The look was colorful when I used to be more “monochromatic” and all the colors had to match perfectly.

prototyping & testing

Iterations with the client led to different sections and the imagery was perfectly selected before publish, localhost copy was tested before release and it fitted the requirements of the Product Owner.

the final design

A colorful design, nothing like what I had done till that moment came to life thanks to this project.

main takeaways

As the colors got into this project, the possibility to explore the creative part of it was a great example of what I was looking for in a client’s project.

tools used


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