Xcaret – POC

about the project

When talking about UX this was the perfect example of what it means, the whole experience and interaction between the users and their sensations at the park had to be synced, the app would connect the user to the park seamlessly adding to what it is to visit Xcaret and go through what you actually want to live using the newly fresh beacons that immerse the users into any venue.

the problem

Immersive, intuitive, data saver, smart, seamless, it definitely was a big challenge, a robust app that would catch anyone’s eyes yet can let you enjoy and have the time of your life at the best park in the Riviera Maya. This was the challenge, getting everything done so people could live the park and the app would facilitate the way you do your visit.

my role in the project

I designed the UI and UX, created the wireframes, diagram flows and the interactive prototype.

prototyping & testing

This Proof of Concept had interesting InVision work behind, the tools at the time held an interesting way to do the prototypes and how this was tested, we had no chance to test it on site, but we did make some tests in-office improving the results each iteration until the final design.

the final design

Colorful, and beautiful design, full of joy and animals and plants, you can feel it growing and you can feel you are in the place even when you are not, also, the possibility to be able to experience the reality over the app, to me it was a real challenge and a really fun project to work at.

main takeaways

I had to work with new technologies, it was the first project I had to think and get to work with beacons, the whole experience through the app it was meant to be intuitive, the graphics had to be colorful to represent the happiness of the park, greens should be all over, because of its very much appreciated location, the gorgeous Riviera Maya.

tools used

Photoshop · InVision

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