Personal POC

about the project

As usual, on my redesigns, I find an app that I see a lot of potential in it and try to make a twist from what is on the store, so, I found this app called Andares which is the app for a mall here in Guadalajara, and made my own version of it hope you like it

my role in the project

I designed the UI and UX for a couple of screens of the app

the problem

The original version of the app is not that visual nor intuitive, and it’s easy to get lost within it. The colors used are not as trendy or well applied for such an elegant and enjoyable mall. The way to navigate to brands sometimes it’s a little tricky.

prototyping & testing

For this POC I did some research amongst different mall apps and what I would like to find on it, but I did not have the chance to test it on other users.

the final design

When I completed the design I was very proud, the design was neat, sleek and colorful, it was easy to navigate from brand to brand and you could see what you were looking for in a few taps.

main takeaways

Most of my redesigns I enjoy them because I do them in my free time, and in this one, in particular, I had the chance to explore some features that I had not had the chance to with real clients, and so Having fun whilst you are doing something is what leads to a happy summary.

tools used


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