Personal POC

About the project

Doble V was a personal project that I closed a couple of years ago, used as a personal brand to showcase my skills decided to move from an impersonal brand to my own name later.

my role in this project

I designed the UX, created the brand identity, website design, social media and even my own products that posted as a theme store for Jimdo at that time.

the problem

I wouldn’t call it a problem in this project, the flexibility of having a brand for myself gave me some time to develop my creativity improve my processes and be able to deliver better products for my freelance clients at the moment.

prototyping & testing

As I had built it and designed it from the ground, from the brand identity to the website and the campaigns for social media, the way that new clients came on to me for my services gave me the feedback I needed, at this time I did not make specific interviews but kept looking on what was working through the reports of my analytics.

the final design

The design was never final, every time I was evolving my brand kept evolving along with me, so there was always something new.

main takeaways

Creating my brand was an interesting project it led me to fulfill many of my design creations, this period was of evolution and growth and certainly learned a lot about myself.

tools used

Photoshop · Illustrator · WordPress · Jimdo Templates · CSS · HTML 5 · & More ·

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