about the project

Nice is a jewelery that sells by catalogue, this made them turn their heads to think of an app that may connect and show ther sellers all the information they need, from how many people they have recommended to how high their sells and commissions go for.

my role in the project

I designed the UI and UX, created the wireframes, diagram flows and the interactive prototype.

the problem

The app is a robust platform that allows sellers to view their profits but also show their¬†products, create lists, and track their net’s revenue. Also, the user tends not to be very technical, so the interface has to be very clear so the user can’t get lost on their way to find what they are looking for.

prototyping & testing

When prototyping this project, the client wanted to have an experience out of the standards yet to be easy to understand and their users to follow. So the prototypes were tested on people from the company as product owners that helped us with the usability.

the final design

As the final design came out, the Proof of Concept and the iterations were successful, the client was excited and happy, the POC was used to present a possible new phase for the company’s marketing. The gradients and the use of the colors were pretty outstanding at the presentation.

main takeaways

Doing this project was challenging because of the needs of the client, the robustness of the app was something to consider along the way and creating an interesting user experience was exciting.

tools used

Photoshop · InVision

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