about the project

Working in Random was pretty satisfying, the company kept growing every day and their team was getting bigger with more clients emails, tickets and a lot of this that required to be centralized. Thus a PM system was a good idea to start thinking of.

my role in the project

I designed the UI and UX, created the wireframes, diagram flows and the interactive prototype.

the problem

With a growing IT company like Random, the team figured we needed an internal tool that could be a connection to all client’s requirements, email and way more stuff. It had to be simple, easy to use, responsive (tablet-desktop) with a dashboard with all the important information and a way to communicate easily and comfortably through the system.

prototyping & testing

When prototyping it was the easy part the challenging part was the testing, because as all the employees had to be able to communicate easily, yet, the performance was a challenge I had to take in mind employees and clients had to be in constant communication in some features, it was “live”.

the final design

The final design was exciting news, the POC was taken really well and the PM was in its initial phase to be built at the time I had to leave the company.

main takeaways

From creating a Dashboard to a Messaging feature, was incredible, the way to connect every feature to a simple design was really interesting. Taking the client’s opinions and also colleagues gave all the information for designing a good experience.

tools used


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