Personal POC

about the project

México es Cultura is a news app that actually is in the market, it is meant for people to find news about cultural events and information related to historic venues, this app is made by a public organization.

My role in the project

I designed the UI and UX, created the wireframes, diagram flows and the interactive prototype.

the problem

As it is a public non-profit organization their investment on design and user experience is poor, even when their content is pretty good, and really interesting. That’s why I decided to make a personal redesign for this really cool app that deserves a better experience and looks.

Prototyping & Testing

As a part of the process of prototype and Testing, I had this exercise watched by some colleagues and gave me some advice on the experience they had with the original, and the one I created, this means, when wireframing and creating the flow the experience had to be fluent, so when they had the chance to test the app their feedback was valuable for the final result

The Final Design

When the final design was ready, the final prototype was ready to be shared a public link was online for a while, as I needed some space in my account I decided to take it down, but here you can find a couple of screens related to this project.

main Takeaways

When doing a re-design as a personal project, may be as challenging as doing it for a client, because at the end there’s a lot of effort to convince myself of doing a better job every time.

Tools used

Photoshop · InVision

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