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Club Checking App
Project Name
Club Checking App
My role in this project
UX UI Sr Designer
Tools used
Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop
About the Project
Econocheck is a leader in the financial services enhancement market. They are known for the outstanding client service and customer service. Improving the experience on their full powered mobile application will bring their clients and their customers a better satisfaction by receiving their benefits right on their hand.
Main Objectives
Delivering a more personalized app experience based on their Customer Persona, in order to better surface and feature those core services, may provide additional benefit and usage.
The Problem
The categories where Econocheck is strong in feature/services coverage: Discounts & Rewards Concierge Services Insurance & Protection Health & Wellness The categories where Econocheck is weak in feature/services coverage: Privacy & Security Credit Monitoring Device Security One competitor is the only competitor delivering a personalized UX/UI for users based on implicit and explicit app usage data.
The Solution
Invest in Privacy & Security features which rank high in desire from our Customer Research results. Develop a more personalized application experience for users, which is currently delivered by only one competitor Build a more robust alerts and notifications experience as this is a clear gap between Econocheck and competitors. Create a new-user onboarding experience which seeds the personalization from the initial use of the application.
Personal Take Aways
This project started as “we need just a redesign” after the consideration of the variables of the project client went all for it and the initial thought became into an enhancement of the all over user experience giving client and users a better perspective, fresh look and growth capabilities beyond expectations. Sometimes clients begin with the idea of changing a few colors and improving the user interface, yet with the help of improving user experience and the strength provided by user research is easier for them to realize the importance not only for the project but also for the actual future of the company.

the process

User Personas
Final users of bank appliacations is a major challenge, now. Think about an application that should work for different bank companies, not only individuals members of a bank present several distinctions amongst each other, but they all feel their bank is the best option for some reason. Imagine now, making that for several other financial institutions could potentially and easily become a nightmare. Therefore, along the client, and many surveys interviews, research and strategy came to the design team with a number of tiers that we focused on. Their needs, goals, tech knowledge, motivations, frustrations, influences, and lifestyle priorities became kind of our religion. Put yourself in the shoes of others was the mantra at every meeting or project thought.
Personas Stories
Becoming these people had whose had their very specific needs, lead us into their stories and all the what if’s became As “a user” I want to, need to, and so on. Technical Requirements were part of these insights and to match business needs was also part of it at all times.
User Flows
They say all paths go to Rome, in user experience we know it is not that much of a truth, some of them may take you somewhere you did not expect or wanted to, but walking these paths with the shoes of the user, made us think how to make those places that aren’t Rome a nice place to visit and take back the right route.
Wireframing & UI Guidelines
Building up the skeleton and establishing the UI elements was the next step. Club Checking app is a powerful tool not only because it has too many options and features, but also because its chameleon ability it should be able to transform itself into a whole different application, and choosing a color scheme was not an easy task. While the layout had to be readable, hierarchically clear and absolute functional the interface had other standards to meet. Building an understandable Design System made it into the conversation, and the purpose of it was talked. Basic principles of Design Systems were the chosen option to start with and so it was built.
User interface Design & Prototyping
A fresh, colorful, friendly and intuitive application clean interfaces, visible features, modern interactions, easy to understand, and relatable information for current and new users, was the final result. Exploration of several designs, trends, exponential growth were part of the final product.