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I have carefully curated these projects for you.

I have written and documented feelings, personal take aways, the process how we got to solve the problem and more, see how I have been solving problems, how I have faced and come with solutions, the environment and the industries I have worked with.






Inside communication in one Internal Space

Intranets are spaces for companies to ease communications between the coporation and the employees, facilitating tools to manage important communication across the company. 

Intranets can also be a space for networking and meeting other people that work with you. Having an intuitive interface can aid employees to reinforce the usage of tools like this one.


Innovator Health



NiMBAL Health

Managing your health
One tap at a time

IBD patients, their diagnosis and the follow up treatment was this client’s main objective, having patients the ability to monitor, control and receive feedback from their doctors, book appointments and instant messaging is just a part of a vast part of information you could retrieve to improve your life quality and feel better with time.

The possibilities are infinite when you can feel the quality of your life increasing.


Live X Live

Live X Live

The radio has been part of our history for decades, and many of us still remember the feel of turning the dial to find the station that make our bodies move to the rhythm, this app is bringing back the memory along the nostalgia of it, but with a modern look and a more intuitive feel in your hands.


Let the genre move you while connecting with friends, sending breaks and hearing news you actually care about.



Client Service Experience

This client is a leader in the financial services enhancement market. They are known for the outstanding client service and customer service. Improving the experience on their full powered mobile application will bring their clients and their customers a better satisfaction by receiving their benefits right on their hand.

Delivering a more personalized app experience based on their Customer Persona, in order to better surface and feature those core services, may provide additional benefit and usage.

App & POS



This software is a double solution, for one part, users are able to open and pay their tabs a tap away, but Tabbedout’s POS connected users with staff, making it the perfect bridge to a great brunch time, a fabulous dinner a magical date or even a really fun night. 

Card careless, of course.

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